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Fx2 Composite Railing System

Fx2 Composite Railing The Elegant Composite
Railing systems with composite, aluminum, or glass balusters. These great styles are available in white and black, and can be easily mixed with vinyl accessories to complement any design or price range.
No Need for Staining, Painting or Sanding!


• Three Wonderful Styles!
• Two Colors - black and white
• Won't crack, split, or warp
• Durable (lifetime warranty)
• Interchangeable parts
• Maintenance-free
• Meets building codes
• 6" and 8" wide kits for both 36" and 42" long railings.


Round Aluminum Balusters -
Available in 7 colors as shown: black, bronze, hammered bronze, clay, rust, green and white.

Fx2 Composite Railing

•The structural integrity of the Fx2 composite rail
system requires no aluminum.

•Comes with either Composite, Aluminum, or Glass Balusters!

•High-quality tempered glass for
superior durability and strength.


Made With Fibrex Material!

• Environmentally beneficial use of pre-consumer reclaimed wood fiber
• Fibrex® material combines many of the best properties of wood
and PVC while moderating the extreme properties of both
• Excellent wear resistance and low thermal conductivity
• Low moisture absorption
• Proven dimensional stability through a
wide range of temperatures


Composite Secondary Railing

A - 90° Elbow
B - Spacer Tube
C - 1-1/2" Straight Rail Connector
D - Universal Angle Rail Connector
E - End Cap
F - 5° Angle Rail
G - 32° Angle Rail
H - 38° Angle Rail
I - 90° Angle Rail
J - P-Loop Return Angle
K - 1-1/2" x 8' Straight Handrail
N - Quick Return Kit - Wall Mount
Q - Mid-Rail Bracket Kit - Wall Mount
R - 6" Inside Corner Mounting Bracket



Fx2 Composite Railing
Fx2 Composite Railing
Fx2 Composite Railing