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Vinyl Specialty Railing System

Grand View Railing - Clear Acrylic In-Fill

• Available in standard and contour railing
• White, tan and khaki colors
• 36" & 42" height options in 6' and 8' level lengths
• Lucite CP acrylic panel in-fill
• Vertical side routed support rails
• Custom sizes available
• Lifetime warranty on railings
• 10 year warranty on acrylic

Grand View Contour Vinyl Railing Mounted to Round Columns
Standard Rail Contour Rail
Legends Vinyl Balustrade
Masters Railing Systems

The Legends Vinyl Balustrade Railing System is the perfect solution for medium to large sized railing installations
Constructed of premium virgin vinyl, and reinforced with aluminum "A" channel inserts, the Legends is able to withstand the abuse of high traffic areas for a lifetime of lasting beauty and performance. Stainless steel post mounts are available


Available in 4', 6', 8' and 10' Lengths - Both Rails & Brackets Incl. -

4 1/2" Wide Top & Bottom Rails
Angle Bracket Adapters
Stylish 2 5/8" Turned Balusters in 30" & 36" Lengths
6" Turned or Recessed Newel Posts in 38" & 54" Lengths

  • Meets ICC Code Requirements
  • Pre-Finished 100% Virgin Vinyl
  • Easy to Assemble and Install Kit
  • Matching Structural Porch Post

    Master Series Railing
    Masters Railing Systems Today's balustrade of choice is vinyl. The Masters Series is the latest attractive addition from Fairway Vinyl Systems. Homeowners and Builders alike will appreciate that vinyl Balustrade, unlike bulky cement or expensive urethane balustrades, is easy to install, comes with a lifetime warranty and is maintenance free.

    With balusters measuring almost 4" wide, 8" newel posts and 6 1/2" wide rails. The Masters Series is perfect for installations requiring larger railing systems. The newel posts are available in two styles, plain or recessed panel and come in 38" and 54" lengths.
    (plain available in 120" also)
    Masters Curve Section •Curved sections are available in standard 4' and custom radiuses for a distinctive look
    • All step sections are custom made
    • Brackets and adaptors are available for straight, corner, stair and 8" and 10" round column post installations
    Square Plain Newel Post Recessed Panel Newel Posts
    Round Column Bracket