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Why settle for wood trim? Versatex combines the versatility and fine craftsmanship of wood with advantages only modern engineering can provide - no warping, no splitting, and no required painting in a water-resistant, weather-resistant, and insect-resistant trim board. Builders enjoy easier installation, while homeowners value its superior appearance and minimal maintenance.

A product of Wolfpac Technologies, Inc.

Click here for the Beaded Soffit Brochure (PDF format)

Click here for the UL580 Test Report(PDF format)

• What is Versatex®? Versatex is a cellular PVC product manufactured using the free foam extrusion process. Versatex is made from an exclusive polymer blend. Versatex cuts, routs, and fastens just like wood and has a density similar to white pine. Available in both a smooth finish and our classic rough cedar Timber Ridge texture, Versatex is available in an attractive low-gloss white that complements any home exterior.

• Why is Versatex an ideal replacement for wood trim?Since Versatex is made from PVC, the preferred plastic material for the building construction industry. It is strong, durable, but lightweight and easy to install. It is non-toxic, recyclable, and self-extinguishing. It will not rot, warp, delaminate, cup or twist. It is also impervious to salts, insects and many chemicals including some acids.
• Cuts, mills, and routs, like any premium wood, while providing durability and protection against the forces of nature.
• Readily accepts 100% acrylic latex paints, but does not require painting for protection.
• Available in all standard trim board sizes, as well as sheet, beaded soffit and wainscoting, prefabricated outside corners, and other specialty molded profiles.
• Can be heated and bent into tight radiuses for archways around windows and doors.
• Installs with standard tools and fasteners. It can be gun nailed, manually nailed, or screwed with stainless steel fasteners.
• Tested in accordance with ASTM test methods pertinent to exterior trim and siding products.
• Transferable 30 year warranty (Only transferable warranty in the trim industry today).
• All trim boards are available in either our smooth matte or timber ridge finish, which compliments any fiber siding project.
1 Cornerboards and columns
No warping or cupping provides a snug fit
Standard 10-foot and 20-foot long corners
Seamless one piece unit with V-groove interlock
Consistently straight with no twisting
Can be used in direct contact with masonry, concrete, or grade
Corners available in either our Timber Ridge or smooth matte finish

2 Custom millwork and gingerbread
Crisp clean edges, uniform thickness, and no knots make it easy to cut and rout
Can be bent or shaped for curved applications
Available in 4-foot-wide sheets for unique designs and uses

3 Fascia and rake boards
Uniform size and shape
Ideal for moisture-prone environments
Does not require painting for protection
Will not warp, split, or twist
Accepts nails and screws just like wood
Easy to rip for custom widths
Standard 18-foot lengths minimize joints
4 Porch ceilings, soffits, and wainscoting
The look of real wood
Available in standard board and sheet sizes to reduce waste
Insect and moisture resistant
Can be painted custom colors
Bead available in a nominal 4” and 6” width

5 Garage, window, and door openings
Easily and cleanly routed for moldings or baseboards
Can be used in direct contact with masonry or concrete
No swelling or warping in moist environments
Our state-of-the-art Stealth Trim System utilizes a unique "system approach" for corner and window surround that is grooved to discreetly accept any siding product.