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Pearson Composite Pilings Last : Wood rots. Steel rusts. Concrete crumbles.

Don't waste your money having a new dock built with material that deteriorates the moment it hits the water. Pearson Composite Pilings look better, last longer and are stronger than wood or steel - and they're environmentally safe!

• No rot, rust or splinters - ever!
• Cannot be damaged by boring insects or marine growth
• Attractive, natural brown finish always looks new
• Eliminate maintenance and replacement costs
• Can be installed over existing piles to save demolition costs
• Environmentally safe - no harmful or illegal coatings to leach into water
• Stronger than wood, steel or concrete
• Available in 10", 12", and 14" diameter in 5 ft. increments
• Add value to your waterfront property - a smart, long term investment

Driving various types and sizes of pilings to a depth of 10-feet and then applying a lateral load at 30-feet above ground, the point at which each piling buckled or showed permanent deformation was measured. For the strongest dock or pier, it pays to specify Pearson Composite Pilings.

Pearson Pilings are being specified for heavy duty, commercial use by more and more structural engineers because of their strength and long life. Marine construction companies also appreciate their ability to be driven by vibratory, drop or impact hammers.

From zoo and aquarium installations to building foundations, Pearson Composite Pilings are fast becoming the preferred material wherever pilings are specified.
Frequently Asked Questions About Pearson Fiberglass Pilings
  • Can you attach lag bolts or fasteners to the piling? ..........Yes, the PEARSON FIBERGLASS PILING has approximately 3 times the holding power compared to standard wood pilings.
  • Do the pilings rot over time like wood? .......No,   FIBERGLASS laminates have been tested in accelerated conditions up to 300 years with no sign of break down.
  • How do you install the pilings? .........The pilings can be installed by the same mechanical or hydraulic means used for driving wood, concrete or steel.  In fact our pilings have been measured to drive more efficiently than standard pilings.
  • How do you cut the pilings? ...........The pilings can be cut with a standard circular saw fitted with a carbide blade.
  • How do you drill the pilings? ..........Drilling can be accomplished with standard fiberglass drills and hole saws.  
  • How are the pilings affected by insects? ..........The pilings are totally insect resistant.
  • Do they rust? ............No, unlike steel and some concrete pilings there are no rusting conditions, which means, no maintenance or degradation of the piling due to corrosion.
  • Are they heavy? .........No, A typical 10-inch diameter piling weighs approximately 7-ponds per linear foot.  This would mean a 20-foot piling would only weigh about 140-pounds.  Our 12-inch diameter pilings weigh 10.5 lbs/ft and our 14-inch diameter pilings weigh 12 lbs/ft.  
  • Is there any maintenance required with the pilings? .........No.  In areas where there is excessive wear, we sell a rub strake that can be attached to the piling.
  • Looking on the inside of the piling what are the two (2) channels, do they add strength? ..........The cannels are used as part of the manufacturing of the piling and are used to delivery the resin during fabrication.  They are not a structural component of the piling.  *please remember to take the channel thickness into consideration if you will be installing the piling over an existing wood piling.
  • How does ice affect the pilings? .........The exterior surface of the piling is similar to that of Teflon preventing the ice from bonding to the exterior of the piling.  The consistent diameter of the pilings also helps with rising and lowering tides in icing conditions.  If moving ice packs exist (such in a river) the strength of our pilings will be a benefit in these conditions where many wooden pilings break.
  • Does PEARSON PILINGS offer any warranty? .........Yes, the pilings are guaranteed not to fail under normal installation practices.  If it is determined the piling failed during such conditions due to a manufacturing defect the piling will be replaced at no additional cost excluding delivery costs.  No other piling supplier stands behind their product like PEARSON PILINGS