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Endura Board Mineral Composite Decking

Build it Once... Built for Life

Not all composite lumber is the same. Knowledge of the material makeup, is the most important factor in distinguishing between different composite decks. The vast majority of composite decks are filled with wood flour and plastic. EnduraBoard is comprised of a natural mineral and a high grade recycled plastic.

Why mineral? Unlike wood composites EnduraBoard is non-organic and can’t absorb moisture. EnduraBoard is 100% moisture resistant. No wood composite can claim that. When a wood composite deck absorbs moisture, it has the potential to behave like wood, leading to serious problems like…cracking, fading, rotting, warping, and loss of strength.

EnduraBoard color retention is superior to all wood composites, you will see little if any fading over the life of your deck. Don’t be fooled by catchy slogans like, “It will naturally fade to it's own unique color.” Weathering over time can leave you with a gray board.

EnduraBoard backs all of its profiles with a Lifetime Warranty. You will never have to worry about staining, cracking, warping or rotting ever again.

EnduraBoard Color Choices

Color: Sahara Color:Slate Color: Granite


What Makes EnduraBoard so Unique?

Moisture Free: Unlike other composite products, EnduraBoard is comprised of a natural mineral and plastic and can’t absorb moisture like a wood composite deck. It is 100% water proof. Use any of our profiles in the ground or in the water.

Strength: EnduraBoard exceeds traditional wood and wood filled composite strength requirements for decking. Laboratory tests have shown that some of the composite decking materials can lose between 10-20% of their overall weight over time, which translates to a possible 40% or more loss of wood content due to rot, (© Tim Carter 1993-2005) meaning a weaker deck board. Because EnduraBoard contains no organics and uses mineral in-place of wood, it makes it one of the strongest products on the market.

Superior Color Retention: Most products fade dramatically over the first few years, while others within 60 days, due to their wood (organic) materials. Because EnduraBoard uses a natural mineral throughout the product in place of wood, it will never fade due to natural weathering. We even guarantee it with a Lifetime warranty!

No Wood Issues: With the absence of any wood or wood flour, EnduraBoard will not have issues such as water absorption, rotting, molding, splitting, cracking, or insect infestation (including termites). We back that with a lifetime warranty.

No Pre-Drilling: Unlike most plastic and composite lumbers, pre-drilling is not required* ( see installation instructions*) when using our recommended stainless steel composite deck screw. These screws have superior screw retention strength, high torque capacity and will leave no mushrooming. Available exclusively through EnduraBoard.

No Plastic Issues: EnduraBoard will not have the issues that many plastic boards do such as strength in extreme heat and cold, color retention, brittleness, and thermal expansion.

No Chemicals: EnduraBoard does not have any harmful materials or additives that can pollute the environment nor will it corrode a screw or nail like some composite lumber and ACQ lumber.

Easy to use: You can use all of the basic wood tools without the hassle of end caps and special fasteners. No more worries about finding special jigs or fixtures. EnduraBoard cuts, screws, and nails like wood. This solid lumber allows you to cut the boards in any fashion without worrying about exposed hollow insides, special end caps or color changes.

Environment Friendly: By utilizing landfill waste and not adding any harmful chemicals, you can feel safe to have your loved ones around the product and also feel good that you are helping the environment.

Product Styles

Product Styles
Deck Board
5/4" x 6"
(1" x 5.5")
12' or 16' long
Hand Rail
2" x 6"
(1.5" x 5.5")
12' or 16' long
2" x 4"
(1.5" x 5-1/2")
8' or 12' long
4" x 4"
(3.5" x 3.5")
8' or 12' long
2" x 2"
(1.5" x 1.5")
12' long
Railing System

One of the many advantages of EnduraBoard is its adaptability. Nowhere is this more evident than in our railing systems. Unlike many other composites, EnduraBoard railings are comprised of the same quality material as the decking. Spindles, posts, and rails are solid, and will match the color and texture of the EnduraBoard decking they are installed on. Posts and spindles have an attractive line pattern engraved on all four sides to give it a truly unique look from all angles. Railing system available in all four colors and includes EnduraBoards Lifetime Warranty.

Photo Gallery

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A product is only as good as the warranty behind it. At EnduraBoard, we use natural minerals in place of wood by-products, making our decks last longer than many in the industry. Every board is backed by a Lifetime Warranty against: Fading, rot, warping, splitting, fresh water or salt water damage, fungal decay, termites or marine borer. You will never have to worry about staining, cracking, or warping ever again.


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